- Leave feedback regarding the Exp HL Cup #2 on the forums here.
- Team rosters sizes are 12.
- Servers are currently reserved for the Open division. However, if we have remaining servers to distribute, you can make a request in the #exp-help channel on the RGL HL Discord to use one.

Highlander - RGL - Exp. Cup HL RGL

Season Div Team End Rank Record
Amt Won Joined Left
EXP HL #2 Unassigned Free Agent - Open / 0 4/7/2019

Discipline History

Group Active When Until Why
RGL 4/7/2019 6/7/2019 Public harassment of RGL members in the RGL discord. Also using multiple racial slurs.

Banned for the entire duration of the Exp Cup + first several weeks of the HL season.