- Leave feedback regarding the Exp HL Cup #2 on the forums here.
- Team rosters sizes are 12.
- Servers are currently reserved for the Open division. However, if we have remaining servers to distribute, you can make a request in the #exp-help channel on the RGL HL Discord to use one.


Event Details

Date: April 13th-27th
Start Time: Week 1: April 13th - 8:30 PM EST
Week 2: April 20th - 8:30 PM EST
Week 3: April 27th - 8:30 PM EST

NOTE: Invite default match times are at 9:30 PM EST.
Length: 3 Weeks

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Teams will be automatically be placed into a division with other teams of a similar skill level.

Every team will play three matches.

Swiss Tournament Bracket (example).


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